Dreaming Home

Dreaming Home is an urban intervention born out of a collaborative process of deep exploration involving folk from Culture Lab and some of the more indigenous inhabitants of Newcastle.

The intervention itself consists of six dozen small totemic forms made from cardboard salvaged from a nearby industrial estate. Etched into the surface of these house-like structures are the fragmented forms of extinct or dying species. How will the culture at large respond to this flock of strange creatures appearing overnight in the middle of the city?

Exhibition will be a short film and spoken presentation of the work.


Dead Reckoning

Dead reckoning is an app made in the android platform that simulates the experience of being a psychic medium. The app is essentially a text based adventure that changes depending upon your physical location. The game is set on the campus of Newcastle University.

New Words Old World

Cara Brennan has made a website where old photographs come to life with the addition of spoken word. Each photograph on New Words Old World influences a poem and you can hear recordings of these poems online. The photographs have been converted from her grandparents old slides, so show a contrast between a 1960s world, and a modern perspective of it.  They will be available soon online at newworldsoldworld.co.uk

Musical Narratives

By Jamie Crawley

My piece will explore the relationship that can be created between writing and music, by making videos in which the text, be it short stories, monologues or dialogues, provides the visual, and instrumental versions of songs the audio. The aim of this is to heighten the effect of both: the writing will be made more interesting by an relevant musical accompaniment, and at the same time will add another dimension to the music.

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Dinner Du jour

Nina Limardo, Mres Digital Media student, aims to recreate the decadent culinary experiences of Des Esseintes, an aristocrat in Joris-Karl Huysmans’ Against Nature, through soundscapes created by an interactive dinner plate.